ALTAMAR was born in 2004 as a consulting engineering and design boats. Thanks to our customer focus, today we offer customized solutions according to the needs of the project.

ALTAMAR maintains a presence in various sectors employing vessels throughout the region: oil offshore, port operations, fishing, river operations, recreation, passenger transport, mining and others. This reality allows us to have a broad knowledge of local business practices, technical standards, laws and regulations, taxes, suppliers and subcontractors.

ALTAMAR offers its customers a comprehensive range of Engineering, Management, Procurement, Construction and Management of Ships to serve its vessels and operations at all stages from design, testing, service life operational until its deregistration and scrapping.

Being a leader in the Peruvian market and have a strong presence at the regional level, focusing on providing quality service to our customers.

Providing solutions in the maritime, fluvial and lacustrine environment that create value for our customers.

The values ​​on which our company builds and they are the fundamental tools for the services we provide are:

• Integrity

• Security

• Continuous improvement

• Customer orientation

• Teamwork